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Ladies Gaelic  Football Association is recognised as one of the fastest growing female sports in Europe. With over 1000 clubs in Ireland and many overseas, Ladies Gaelic is reaching women and girls from all over the country. The Ladies Gaelic Football Association provides a social outlet and a healthy activity for thousands of people in Ireland and abroad.

Serious hard work and dedication should never go unnoticed. In fact, at Lidl, we think it deserves serious support in return. We know that for women’s sport this is often overlooked, but we want to change this. Working in partnership with the LGFA, we not only want to give women in sport the recognition they deserve, we want to encourage all women to get involved and stay involved. After all, hard work pays off, and we’re passionate that sporting women should be rewarded and celebrated for it. Join us in showing #SeriousSupport for Ladies Gaelic Football and learn more here.


Repak is a business-led compliance scheme licensed by the Irish government to collectively fund the recovery and recycling of packaging on behalf of Irish producers. We have been a Repak member since 2000.

Repak member fees are used to subsidise the collection and recovery of waste packaging through registered recovery operators across Ireland, and over the last 20 years have helped to grow packaging recycling and recovery rates.

At Lidl, we are committed to minimising our packaging and continue to collaborate with Repak on an ongoing basis, to reduce the amount of packaging we place on the market at source.

Lidl to Introduce Autism Aware Quiet Evenings

Lidl has announced it will implement Autism Aware Quiet Evenings across its entire network of  stores in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Due to the success of an initial trial last year and the positive feedback received from customers, Lidl is now in a position to roll this initiative out to all stores from April 2nd, World Autism Day. The roll-out is expected to be completed across all stores by the end of May.

Lidl’s network of stores will be prepped to have numerous sensory adjustments in place which will classify each store as being autism aware. Stores will begin implementing the following changes from April 2nd every Tuesday between 6pm and 8pm;

  • Reduced lighting
  • No in-store announcements
  • No music
  • Priority queuing for customers dealing with autism as well as extra assistance upon request
  • Till scan sounds lowered
  • Autism assistance dogs always welcome

An in-store map will also be available for children with autism to plan and organise their shopping trips which will add structure and routine to help them deal with otherwise chaotic experiences.

Lidl has been working with charities, such as Autism Ireland and The National Autistic Society to ensure the evenings fit customer’s needs. Lidl is now calling out to registered Irish autism charities to get in touch if they would like to promote their work and raise awareness of autism by speaking with customers at stores nationwide during the Autism Aware Quiet Evenings. Any charities interested in partaking are asked to email for full details.

Deirdre Ryan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Lidl Ireland commented; “Public spaces can be overwhelming for anyone with autism, we would like to support our customers who are struggling to manage tasks such as the weekly shop, by providing a calmer environment and the security of knowing that additional assistance us available if necessary. The feedback from our trial last year was very positive and we look forward to offering Autism Aware Quiet Evenings to customers in all stores across Ireland and Northern Ireland”.

Lidl Ireland Pledge To Raise €1 Million To Support Youth Mental Health

Lidl Ireland is delighted to announce a new, three year charity partnership with Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health in Ireland. Jigsaw provides free confidential, professional support to young people aged 12-25, in 13 centres across Ireland.

Jigsaw’s data shows that mental health remains a key issue among our young people and while to date Jigsaw have supported over 23,350 young people, demand for their services continues to grow. As part of Jigsaw’s ‘My World Survey’ research completed in 2012, key findings include that 8 students in every classroom in Ireland are experiencing significant emotional distress and may be in need of additional support. A staggering 20% of young adults indicated that they had engaged in self-harm and over 7% have reported a suicide attempt. Jigsaw focus on prevention and early intervention, aimed at addressing mental health issues in the early stages and assisting young people in developing coping skills and resilience that will equip them to deal with future challenges to their mental health.

Lidl pledges to fundraise €1million for Jigsaw over the next three years with over 4,200 employees aiming to raise funds through a variety of exciting activities. Alongside these fundraising initiatives, Lidl also aims to raise awareness of youth mental health nationwide and encourages all customers and colleagues to be ‘One Good Adult’ – a campaign for all adults to support a young person in their lives by being there to listen, support and advise when times are tough.

Being ‘One Good Adult’ in a young person’s life has a positive influence on their mental health. Be it a parent, teacher, football coach or school bus driver, we all have a role in supporting the young people around us.

Managing Director of Lidl Ireland, J.P. Scally said, “We are delighted to partner with Jigsaw to help inspire and make a positive difference for youth mental health in Ireland. Up to 60% of young people in Ireland with mental health problems do not seek professional help. Our aim through this partnership is to raise the profile of the fantastic work Jigsaw do and in turn reduce this number, by empowering our staff and customers to be ‘One Good Adult’ in a young person’s life. We want to empower all Irish adults to better support the young people in their lives and encourage young people themselves to seek help when and where they need to most”.

Speaking at the launch, CEO Joseph Duffy commented; “Without the commitment of strategic partners like Lidl, we simply cannot support all our young people that deserve our help. It is for this reason that Jigsaw is so excited to work with Lidl, in addressing a critical area for all their team, all the communities they are based and the country as a whole – our young people’s mental health. In order to drive the change we see as essential in youth mental health, we see this partnership between Lidl and Jigsaw are one that can inform, support, educate and empower a wide section of our communities, enabling a better understanding of our collective responsibility in supporting young people’s mental health. This partnership with Lidl enables us to do this with impact and at scale.”

Lidl Ireland Commits to Reduce Food Waste as Part of National Food Waste Forum

Thursday January 25th – Lidl Ireland Managing Director J.P. Scally, along with the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten, has today signed the Food Waste Forum Charter as part of the Retail Action Group for Food Waste. This charter sees Lidl commit to reduce food waste through the redistribution of surplus food. As part of the Food Waste Charter, Lidl has pledged to build an awareness and understanding of food waste and its issues as well as promote innovative food waste prevention solutions. The Retail Action Group for Food Waste will work together to gather and share reliable and accurate food waste information, to identify areas for improvement, to measure progress and also to work towards a common methodology to report on Food Waste data in the sector.

The pledge is part of the Retail Action Group on Food Waste established by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment to accelerate progress towards meeting targets set by the UN as part of their Sustainable Development Goals, which seeks to halve per capita food waste and reduce food losses by 2030.

In line with the launch of the forum, Lidl has rolled out a national food redistribution programme called ‘Lidl Feed It Backto all 154 stores and 3 warehouses in Ireland which will see food waste reduced through the donation of surplus food to local charities in the communities in which Lidl operates. Surplus food refers to food that is perfectly good to eat but, for one reason or another, cannot be sold and would otherwise go to waste. In the case of ‘Lidl Feed It Back’, half of all donations made to local charities are fresh fruit and vegetables, meaning that the meals donated to charities and community groups across Ireland by Lidl are healthy, nutritious meals for those that need it most.

Since August 2017, Lidl has been working with FoodCloud to donate surplus food to charities. FoodCloud is a social enterprise that connects retailers and suppliers to hundreds of local charities to redistribute surplus food via a software platform. Through this partnership, Lidl has connected with over 250 charities and donated 250,000 meals since the launch in August.

J.P. Scally, Managing Director at Lidl Ireland said of the campaign: ‘At Lidl Ireland we are extremely proud to be working closely with Minister Denis Naughten and The Retail Action Group for Food Waste. In signing today’s Food Waste Charter, we further demonstrate our ongoing commitment to reducing food waste in the Irish retail sector and positively contribute to the communities in which we operate. Last year Lidl Ireland became a verified member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green Programme where food waste along with 23 additional targets in areas such as waste emissions, energy, water, responsible sourcing of products, health and nutrition and social sustainability are now key priorities for our business in the coming years. We look forward to working with other retailers across Ireland in prioritising the prevention of food waste.

Minister Naughten said: ‘I have been delighted to the hear about the work Lidl are doing to reduce food waste across their Irish operations, by taking part in the Retail Action Group they are also showing leadership in this area which will encourage other retailers and businesses to get involved by signing the Charter.’

Lidl today named Ireland’s top retailer for CSR and announces ambitious new plastic reduction targets

Lidl’s circular economy commitments include:

  • By 2022, Lidl will reduce plastic packaging volumes by 20%
  • By 2025, 100% of own- brand packaging will be widely recyclable*, reusable, refillable or renewable
  • By 2025, 50% of material used in own- brand packaging will come from recycled materials
  • Lidl is today announcing the eradication of microbeads** from cosmetic and household products

 9 March 2018: Fresh from being named Ireland’s top retailer for corporate social responsibility, Lidl today announces new commitments aimed at reducing plastic waste. The company has set ambitious targets around increasing the amount of recycled materials used within its own-brand packaging, with a target of 50% by 2025. In addition the retailer has pledged to a 20% reduction in plastic packaging by 2022 and 100% of own-brand packaging will be widely recyclable, reusable, refillable or renewable by 2025.

To ensure that topics such as food waste also remain a priority, the supermarket’s plastic reduction strategy is centred on a progressive circular programme, aiming to drive demand for recycled materials. This will be achieved through a combination of specification changes, material substitution and market development.

In the coming weeks consumers can expect some changes in-store which are a direct response to growing consumer demand for loose fruit and vegetables. Lidl are trialling the introduction of 11 additional loose options, which will bring their overall loose lines to approximately 25% of the range. Lidl will continue to test and trial the removal and adaptation of packaging and will closely monitor any impact this will have on food waste.

J.P. Scally, Managing Director of Lidl Ireland & Northern Ireland said: “Today we announce some ambitious targets as part of our award winning sustainability programme. We are immensely proud to be the leading supermarket in Ireland for CSR, as demonstrated by RepTrak®. We have looked at plastic packaging in the context of our wider sustainability commitments and strongly believe that our circular approach will deliver a viable long-term solution without compromising on our ability to deliver exceptional value to customers. We have listened to the feedback from our customers who are requesting more recyclable packaging and less plastic. As the recently named “Green Retailer of the Year” we want to lead the way for plastic reductions as we have in other areas of our sustainability programme. We’re proud of our clear, ambitious targets for the reduction of plastic waste.”

These commitments build on Lidl’s strong track record in sustainability. This year already Lidl has  achieved their zero waste to landfill target. The majority of Lidl’s waste is cardboard recycled into paper and packaging. Lidl’s plastic is also recycled and organic waste is turned into renewable energy through a process called anaerobic digestion. Lidl is making strong positive steps by eradicating microbeads from all cosmetic and household ranges and as a member of Repak, Lidl contributes over €2 million annually to subsidise the collection and recovery of waste packaging through registered recovery operators across Ireland.

Lidl are Business Recycling Champions

At the recent Pakman Awards Lidl took home the award for Business Recycling Champions. The awards, sponsored by Repak, who are this year celebrating their 20th year of packaging recycling in Ireland, recognise excellence in waste management and recycling among businesses, organisations, community groups and initiatives in Ireland.

This year Lidl committed to a sustainable development plan that sets out clear targets in key areas such as waste, emissions, energy, water, responsible sourcing of products, and social sustainability. In the area of waste management, Lidl committed to the following environmental targets: decreasing overall waste arising’s by 10% by 2020, increase the tonnage of batteries collected from consumers by 20% by 2020, achieve zero waste to landfill in 2017, redistribute 1 million meals in surplus food by 2020, carry out a carbon footprint analysis of the organisation, including all waste streams. Lidl continuously strives towards making its operations and surrounding communities a better place and aim to be retail leaders through new initiatives and leading by example. Demonstrating success through innovation across all areas of waste manangement, Lidl have successfully engaged customers and colleagues alike to reduce waste an increase recycling across all many areas of their organisation.


Lidl to host autism friendly shopping evenings

Lidl, in partnership with the Irish Autism Action, has announced that it will be trialling autism friendly quiet evenings in its Mullingar, Carrickmacross and Pottery Road stores. Every Tuesday between 6pm and 8pm there will be dimmed lighting, no in-store announcements or music, priority queueing for people and families dealing with autism as well as extra assistance upon request.

The suggestion to trial the quiet evenings was made by one of Lidl’s team members as they have personal experience of autism and an appreciation for how a few simple changes can positively enhance the shopping experience.

Deirdre Ryan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Lidl says:

“Public spaces can be overwhelming for anyone with autism and, as with everything we do in Lidl, we put the customer first and want to ensure any concept is fully tested and delivers positive results for all involved. Pending the learnings from the trials we will then make a decision on introducing autism friendly shopping evenings in more locations.”

An in-store map will also be available for children with autism to plan and organise their shopping trips which will add structure and routine to help them deal with otherwise chaotic experiences.

Lidl and ERP are Powering Positivity – Batteries for Barretstown

European Recycling Platform (ERP) Ireland is Powering Positivity at Barretstown in a new three-year initiative, ‘Batteries for Barretstown,’ aimed at increasing awareness of battery recycling and raising much-needed funds for the children’s charity.

The Powering Positivity partnership hopes to energise consumers in their approach to battery recycling by providing new branded waste battery collection points in Lidl stores nationwide; facilitating increased numbers of batteries recycled and raising vital funds for Barretstown’s camps for children and families affected by serious illness simultaneously.

Funds raised by ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ will help to Power Positivity by funding the charity’s energy costs over the next three years. ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ will run in ERP’s 8 counties (Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Dublin Fingal, Limerick, Cavan, Clare, and Kerry). ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ will feature in Lidl stores nationwide from week commencing August 21st, with branded ‘Powering Positivity’ battery collection points in each store.

Lidl achieves ISO 50001 Accreditation

Lidl Ireland achieves ISO 50001 certification across all of its stores. The news comes as Lidl continues with an ambitious strategy aimed at reducing carbon emissions, minimising energy consumption and improving sustainability. The new certification applies to all 190 stores in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Last week Lidl’s efforts in good environmental practice were recognised at the Chambers Ireland CSR Awards where they won the Excellence in Environment Award category for multinational companies.

The ISO 50001 standard is a globally recognised energy management system developed to continually improve the energy performance of buildings, optimise their use and reduce their operating costs. The standard provides Lidl with a comprehensive approach to smart energy use and they aim to reduce their energy consumption on a continuous basis.

In 2015 Lidl started working with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). SEAI provides mentoring and support to businesses working towards structured energy management and Lidl has been making strong energy savings since then. All of Lidl’s stores are now built with sustainability in mind; features include natural refrigeration systems, efficient LED lighting, heat recovery, ventilation systems, high insulation practices and sustainably sourced wooden building materials.

Lidl recently reopened its Drogheda store offering customers free electric vehicle charging stations and the Lidl store in Gorey is fitted with more than 600m2 of renewable energy solar panels, reducing its consumption from the grid by 20%. Lidl are a verified member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green Sustainability Programme, setting out clear targets in key areas such as waste emissions, energy, water, responsible sourcing of products and social sustainability. The achievement of ISO 50001 certification is another milestone on this sustainability journey.

‎Director of Property at Lidl Ireland Alan Barry said, ‘We are delighted to achieve ISO 50001 certification across our entire network of stores. We have committed to further ambitious targets and will continue to optimise our facilities and processes over the coming years. The implementation of ISO 50001 along with the education of our 5000 strong workforce will allow us to reduce our energy and help protect the environment and communities in which we operate.“

Commenting, Chief Executive of SEAI, Jim Gannon, said: “Lidl is a valued member of SEAI’s Large Industry Energy Network which supports businesses with their energy saving and renewable energy goals. This network represents 20% of Ireland’s total energy use and companies like Lidl are leading the way in energy efficiency, lowering their environmental impact and reducing their operating costs as a result. I’d encourage all other businesses, whether large or small, to follow Lidl’s example and start on their sustainable energy journey.“

Over the next 4 months Lidl aims to certify all of its Regional Distribution Centres and its Head Office building in Tallaght.

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