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Lidl Community Works

Our objective is to be a good neighbour by positively contributing to the communities in which we live and operate.

JAM Card Friendly Retailer JAM Card Friendly Retailer

The Just A Minute (JAM) Card allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier to tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ discreetly and easily in customer service situations. As the first Irish Retailer to become JAM Card Friendly, we want to welcome all JAM Card users to shop at ease in our stores and are supporting our colleagues to recognise the card to make our customers’ shopping experience as stress-free as possible.

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Jigsaw Jigsaw

We are proud to partner with Jigsaw – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health. Through this partnership, we have pledged to raise €2.5 million and grow national awareness for youth mental health.

Mental health can affect every aspect of a young person’s life. We believe every young person must have the support that’s right for them, whatever they are going through. We all need be there to support young people with their mental health, but we also need to ensure we look after our own mental health, because we cannot support others if we are not support yourselves.

Lidl are supporting Jigsaw, and Jigsaw support us all to find ways to support our mental health, so we can be there to support our young people. Visit to explore the range of services and supports available for young people, their parents, family members, friends, teachers, coaches and colleagues. Their services range from phone support live chat, video call support, email support, group chats, online supportive content, webinars, plus, much, much more.

Not only are we aiming to raise funds to help Jigsaw, but we are also aiming to raise national awareness of youth mental health by encouraging all of our customers and colleagues to be One Good Adult to a young person in their lives. To learn more on our partnership and for more information the role you can play in supporting youth mental click below. Who can be One Good Adult? What does it mean?

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Autism Aware Stores Autism Aware Stores

Between the bright lights, crowded spaces, noise and sensory overload, grocery shopping can sometimes be a very stressful task for people with autism. With this in mind, we have organised “Autism Aware Quiet Evenings” in each of our stores to help people and families who may struggle with the weekly shop run. These Autism Aware Quiet Evenings take place weekly, on Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm, offering our customers a more comfortable shopping experience.
1. Reduced lighting
2. No music or announcements
3. Lower till scan sounds
4. Priority queuing & additional assistance
5. Always welcome assistance dogs

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Ladies Gaelic Football Association Ladies Gaelic Football Association

We launched our sponsorship with the LGFA in 2016 and since then have invested a massive €4m in the LGFA and its local communities including supporting over 450 schools and juvenile teams nationwide, donating more than 11,000 jerseys, balls and equipment and providing over 300 clubs with cash donations.

We also commissioned the first Irish-based research into how sport participation impacts the lives of women and the factors that influence dropout. Worryingly the research revealed that by the age of 13, one in two girls will have dropped out of sport and are three times more like to drop out of sport than boys. Since then one of the primary objectives of our sponsorship of the LGFA has been to encourage more young girls to participate and stay in sport. Our nationwide Lidl #SeriousSupport Schools Programme was launched in 2019 and aimed to tackle dropout rates of girls aged 11-14 by delivering inspirational assembly talks and skill-building workshops.

It all begins with a school or a club, we want to provide solid support for players at the outset to ensure young female talent is nurtured and developed.
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Food Redistribution Food Redistribution

According to the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organisation approximately one in three calories produced is wasted, In Ireland, one in 11 families live in food poverty, with over one million tonnes of food wasted in Ireland per year (Social Inclusion Monitor (2017), Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection).

In an effort to tackle food poverty while supporting our local communities, we partnered with FoodCloud to develop our food redistribution programme. Through our partnership, we have built a network of more than 300 charity and community groups, from disability support services to afterschool clubs to homeless charities, which we support with regular food donations from our stores and warehouses. Not only do our donations enable our partner charity and community groups to provide their members with nutritious meals, they also benefit from substantial savings on food costs which they can reallocate back into their core services.

In Ireland, we donate on average 50,000 meals every month to over 300 charities. To date we have redistributed the equivalent to over 2 million meals.

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Voucher Donation Fund Voucher Donation Fund

We are committed to offering support to those in our local communities who espouse the values we hold dear. We are proud to support local charities and community groups who promote social inclusion, health and wellbeing and environmental programmes. Where a local community group is hosting a community event or fundraiser which mirrors our values and pillars, we are happy to provide Lidl vouchers to support. These vouchers have been used by hundreds of community groups and charities across the country for raffles, bake-sales, school healthy eating weeks, science projects and sports programmes.

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