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Pow Cow, Co. Dublin

Irish dietitian turned entrepreneur Niall Moloney has found a way to combine the yumminess of a frozen dessert with the nutrient-density that can be found in strained Greek yogurt to create the perfect storm of amazing taste and great nutrition.

A registered dietitian with a postgraduate in sports and exercise nutrition, Niall found that people had a desire for a healthy frozen dessert or treat, but the options were limited!

An avid ice cream lover, Niall set himself a challenge to create a great tasting alternative. Made from natural Greek Style strained yogurt, Pow Cow delivers the rich and creamy experience of traditional ice-cream or frozen yogurt while also punching above its weight in terms of nutritional benefits.  A great source of natural protein, Pow Cow is also low in fat with 80 per cent less sugar than ice-cream and is packed full of probiotics. Oh…and it’s gluten free.

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