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Prevented Ocean Plastic

What Is Ocean Plastic and Why Should We Prevent It?

The topic of plastic is an incredibly important one, and we recognise the key role that our business plays in tackling the detrimental impact that it is having on our oceans. If we don’t act, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish*, which is why we the first retailer in Ireland to commit to incorporating Prevented Ocean Plastic in our own-label product ranges.

*Source: The New Plastics Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Impact

Environmental Benefit
Approximately 750,000 bottles will be saved from entering the ocean per year by implementing the use of Prevented Ocean Plastic within the five lines of Lidl product. This will equate to 18.7 tonnes of plastic.

Social Benefit
The collection of those bottles will equate to a year worth of well-paid work for an average bottle collector in predominately poor coastal regions around the globe.

Prevented Ocean Plastic In Our Product Line

Prevented Ocean Plastic Product Range

Lighthouse Bay 2 Salmon Darnes (240g)
Lighthouse Bay 4 Salmon Darnes (440g)
Lighthouse Bay 2 Skinless Salmon (240g)
Lighthouse Bay 2 Cod Fillets (MSC)
Lighthouse Bay King Prawns (180g)

Key Sourcing Regions – Indonesia & Thailand

80-90% of plastic that ends up in the ocean originates from developing countries*. The Prevented Ocean Plastic incorporated into our packaging is sourced from countries and regions which may lack waste management infrastructure or collection incentives, or where that infrastructure is simply overwhelmed by population growth and tourism.

Discarded water bottles, found within a 50km (30 miles) distance of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean, are collected, sorted and processed to the highest standard, before they can be incorporated into our fresh fish packaging. The entire process is fully traceable, with a robust documented chain of custody.

*Source: World Economic Forum 2019

Prevented Ocean Plastic is a product supplied by Bantam Materials. Bantam Materials is a for profit business that is aligned with the real world needs of the plastic bottle recycling industry sending over $100,000 a day to coastal communities for the collection and recycling of billions of bottles yearly. In 2021, Bantam Materials became the first recycled plastic supplier to join the Ethical Trading Initiative.

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