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Reporting our progress towards A Better Tomorrow SUSTAINABILITY @ LIDL 21                        A Better Tomorrow Lidl Responsibility Model During this report we will take you through our full strategy following our Lidl Responsibility Model, reporting on the areas that are most material to our business, emphasising our commitments to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and detailing the core projects from each of our strategy pillars. RESOURCES We embrace our responsibility at the very beginning of our value chain, striving to make an active contribution to our ingredient extraction, product production and improving the conditions of farm animal welfare. Together with our suppliers and partners, we are committed to preserving natural habitats and biodiversity. SUPPLY CHAIN We strive to protect our supply chains and make sure to consider the ecological and social impacts of our product processing, production and transport processes. We want to ensure that environmental and social standards are supported at each tier in our supply chain. OPERATIONS We review our operational processes from warehouse to store which contribute to potential climate implications such as resource use and waste management. We are also committed to the well-being and health of our colleagues across the business, working to ensure we create a good working environment and promote family and work balance. CUSTOMER We are a large retailer, serving millions of customers each week. We want to make it possible for our customers to have healthy food choices, sustainably sourced products, and to keep our customers informed through regular communications in store, on pack or online. We also create added social value by supporting many organisations and building partnerships that support and promote social local needs and causes.                            Our Pillars Our Value Chain Our Responsibility Areas  RESOURCES Protection of Ecosystems Animal Welfare Standards Environmental Protection: Supply Chain SUPPLY CHAIN Employment Related Supplier & Market Human Rights Development Corporate Environmental Management OPERATIONS Employee Responsibility Responsible Products CUSTOMER Transparency Social Value Responsible at Point of Sale Creation Communication      N T R A P E R H I P v e r n a m f l i e e r n n P t e W p r c a o t l i l o s M d a e m a a t E e o t S u d e n i n n n g a a e A t t S a i n m p l R H o E e y u h t m m l g a n i a t t n e c n v d r R e o n t i g o e r n h n t t t P s f o o s s n e m o c r i p S e g t u t s a c S u p n e y u v d l t s e R o y e o o c l p r i s M o C c n n l a i P E h e k r a r t u e e a m n o S e l L R b m e i t P i d s n r s l p C s o n o d r n u o i e u p s c i y p i T t s p b t t e i s l s l e a t i e r y e o b e i o R l p s D T m O n r o a m p e E a n h r s t n s e s P R o a p o r f i e s n n S k n r t a o c o l W T y t i e y e f C l o e S o r u n c E i C l V r l a e r a a o a l t u r t p e o i C o m t n n g a R o r e e m s v n p p E p o e i m n m N m C i s n i b l o e y m a m u n i c o a t i o n O I C A R O C O l L L S A h B 

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