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36 SUPPLY CHAIN CIRCULAR ECONOMY     REset Plastic Food retail is core to our business and some resources are indispensable for transport and packaging material. As part of Schwarz Group, we believe anyone who brings plastic into the retail cycle also bears responsibility for its further use. Schwarz Group has for many years been particularly committed to the collecting, sorting and recycling of these resources. As signatories to the Global Commitment of the New Plastics Economy of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation since 2018, the Schwarz Group have a vision for “less plastic – closed loops” which is enshrined in their plastics strategy REset Plastic and targets across all their companies. Through this strategy, the Schwarz Group has committed itself to reducing plastic consumption with these defined targets and a dedicated REset Plastics strategy. This holistic internationally applied strategy comprises of five guiding principles and action areas: from avoidance and design, to recycling and removal, and innovation and education. In doing so the vision of “less plastic - closed loops” will become reality. Learn more: The five guiding principles for action areas of Schwarz Group plastic strategy REset Plastic: REduce – We reduce plastic, wherever sustainably possible. Not only in packaging! REdesign – We design recyclable packaging and close loops. REcycle – We collect, sort and recycle plastics to close the loop. REmove – We support the removal of plastic waste from the environment. REsearch – We invest in research and the development of innovative solutions and educate on recycling.       Our new reusable fruit & vegetable bags Packaging changed from unrecyclable black plastic to transparent     Paper banding with natural adhesive Aurivo Renewable Milk Cartons As part of our commitment to making our own-brand packaging 100% recyclable, reusable or renewable by the end of 2025, in May 2020 we introduced our new plant-based milk cartons for Coolree Creamery own-brand range. These new milk cartons are made from 100% renewable resources. The original fossil based plastic used on the coating, neck and cap of the cartons, was replaced by a plant-based material made from responsibly sourced sugar cane resulting in a reduction in emission of 160 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year and 31% lower carbon footprint compared with the same standard packaging. The rest of the carton is made with FSC certified paperboard, which guarantees that comes from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources traceable to its origins.     RESOURCES Protection of Ecosystems Animal Welfare Standards Environmental Protection: Supply Chain SUPPLY CHAIN Employment Related Supplier & Market Human Rights Development Corporate Environmental Management OPERATIONS Employee Responsibility Responsible Products CUSTOMER Transparency Social Value Responsible at Point of Sale Creation Communication        

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