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OUR OPERATIONS ENERGY now powered by solar, plus our BREEAM certified Newbridge Distribution Centre Over 16 sites* Reporting our progress towards A Better Tomorrow 47 47      As a growing retailer, our energy requirements increase year on year. Our dedicated energy efficiencies, initiatives and management systems ensure this increased requirement is minimised.1 ACTION: We are committed to maintaining and reducing our total energy usage through our energy management strategies, renewable resources innovations in stores and warehouse, including our plans for the future. While we have expanded since our last report, we have still maintained our overall energy usage. Ireland FY 2017 kWh FY 2018 kWh FY 2019 kWh FY 2020 kWh Northern Ireland FY 2017 kWh FY 2018 kWh FY 2019 kWh FY 2020 kWh * Reflect restatement figures as per ‘Report Overview’ page 72 These results are down to the determination and ambition of our teams to meet our energy goals (see KPI table).   Total Energy Consumption   105,230,164*   106,815,465*   116,956,882   116,653,767  Total Energy Consumption (electricity)*  78,724,701*  79,119,327* 86,098,696 90,552,817 100% renewable electricity Total Energy Consumption (heating)*  26,505,463*   27,696,138*   30,858,186   26,100,950   Total Energy Consumption   21,574,491*   23,452,887*   24,692,012   25,307,664  Total Energy Consumption (electricity)*  15,986,193*  16,902,585* 17,207,964 100% renewable electr 18,027,831 icity  Total Energy Consumption (heating)*  5,588,298   6,550,302*   7,484,047  7,279,834       Solar photolytic paneling has been added to store specifications. 16 sites* currently have solar panels, with at least 15 installations planned year on year to 2025. *Including stores, warehouses and offices 100% green electricity across all operations Customer Chargers at 32 stores and all our offices Energy Management Dashboard enabling review, improvements and best practise Electric Vehicles – Our Northern Irish car fleet has converted to electric model cars with our Irish fleet consisting of electric model shared cars. LED lighting upgrades include spotlights and fire exits  ISO 50001 Certified Energy Management System (EnMS) across all our operations. Refrigerant we continuously change our refrigerant to alternatives with lower Global Warming Potential.      1 GRI 302-1   RESOURCES Protection of Ecosystems Animal Welfare Standards Environmental Protection: Supply Chain SUPPLY CHAIN Employment Related Supplier & Market Human Rights Development Corporate Environmental Management OPERATIONS Employee Responsibility Responsible Products CUSTOMER Transparency Social Value Responsible at Point of Sale Creation Communication         

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