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OUR OPERATIONS PLANNING & CONSTRUCTION Reporting our progress towards A Better Tomorrow 53    Other sustainability initiatives at our Newbridge Distribution Centre include: · ISO50001certification,agloballyrecognisedstandardforbest-practiceenergy management · Thewarehouseutilisesanenergyefficientsystemforlightingandheating, including LED lighting, PIR sensor controls, and a building management system. · Airtightvaluesfortheadministrationbuildingandwarehousearemuchlower than required under the current building regulations. · Enhancedsustainabilitymeasuresincludeheatrecoveryfromrefrigeration,only natural refrigerants and a commitment to ‘zero waste to landfill’. · Utilisingthelargecollectionareaontheroofbyinstallinga46,000litre underground rainwater harvesting tank for collecting rain water and redistributing it to the various toilet blocks located within the warehouse. The centre also boasts several important biodiversity features: As part of the BREEAM certification process, we partnered with BirdWatch Ireland to install 45 bird boxes at our Newbridge RDC, to help maintain the natural wildlife habitat and enhance biodiversity. The installation comprises a mix of bird boxes catering to a broad scope of bird species with the addition of several bat boxes, which have also been installed at the Newbridge facility to support night-time pollination. We’ve also included: · 9,390sq.m.wildflowermeadowtopromote pollinators & local biodiversity within the site · 9,960sq.m.woodlandareawith5,700native trees to Ireland · 600shrubsnativetoIreland · Beehives,batboxesandinsecthotels It is important for us that we ensure our buildings are future-proofed and that we are expanding sustainably. By investing at the scale that we have been, we’ve ensured that we have the ability to supply Ireland’s growing population efficiently and consistently, long into the future. Kevin Duffy, Director of Central Services       RESOURCES Protection of Ecosystems Animal Welfare Standards Environmental Protection: Supply Chain SUPPLY CHAIN Employment Related Supplier & Market Human Rights Development Corporate Environmental Management OPERATIONS Employee Responsibility Responsible Products CUSTOMER Transparency Social Value Responsible at Point of Sale Creation Communication     

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