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CUSTOMER RESPONSIBLE COMMUNICATION Reporting our progress towards A Better Tomorrow 71    Our Communications Response As an essential retailer at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, we built an integrated communications campaign designed to support the public, our customers, employees, and suppliers. This involved tactical media relations, a series of strategic announcements and all our communications channels - our PR, social media, traditional and digital advertising channels as well as in-store communications and internal communications. Two examples of our approach for responsible communication internally and externally include: Customers   Over the last year, more people turned to social media as a source of information. During 2020, we used social media to communicate reassurance and information such as the details for our elderly hours, in-store safety measures, traffic light queue management systems, WhatsApp chat bot for store quiet times and much more. Our priority was to ensure customers could feel safe when visiting their local store. We were also the first retailer to begin hosting virtual engagements on our social media channels.  Colleagues Our Internal Communications strategy during this period focused on minimising fear, involving our teams and celebrating our colleagues’ resilience. A cross-functional response approach was adapted which included daily informative updates combined with community information and support. At all stages, two-way communication was embraced and feedback from colleagues welcomed. With the #WeAreLidl people strategy in mind, we also developed a ‘Lidl Lotto’ virtual event in October 2020 to thank all colleagues for their hard work and commitment during an extremely challenging year. Every colleague was included through a virtual live stream and over 5,000 winners and over €250,000 worth of prizes given out! The Lidl Lotto was awarded Best Online Internal Event at the Covid Comms Awards 2021.   RESOURCES Protection of Ecosystems Animal Welfare Standards Environmental Protection: Supply Chain SUPPLY CHAIN Employment Related Supplier & Market Human Rights Development Corporate Environmental Management OPERATIONS Employee Responsibility Responsible Products CUSTOMER Transparency Social Value Responsible at Point of Sale Creation Communication      

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