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64 CUSTOMER TRANSPARENCY AT POINT OF SALE    Ingredients and Nutritional Information Healthy Diets Our Health and Nutrition Policy outlines our strategy for reducing the sugar, salt and fat content in our own brand products in response to ‘Healthy Ireland’ – an Irish Government-led initiative and the Obesity Action Plan which highlights customer demand for healthier food choices. Our target is to reduce the sales weighted averagecontentofaddedsugar&added salt by 20% across our own branded products by 2025.* Reducing added sugar** by 20% by 2025, focusing primarily on foods that are popular with and consumed by children. Reducingaddedsalt*** by20% by 2025, focusing on food categories that are consumed on a regular basis. Added salt -20%        Added sugar -20% * These targets were updated & extended to 2025 due to delays in new product development progress as a result of Covid-19. ** The reduction of sugar focuses primarily on foods that are popular with children. Therefore, the primary focus is on food categories such as breakfast cereals, spreads, sauces, and sweet confectionery. *** The reduction of salt first focuses on food categories that are consumed on a regular basis and generally make up a large share of the daily salt intake including ready meals, soups, pizzas, crisps, cakes and meat products.  Reduced pester power! To support this ambition we stopped displaying cartoon characters on our own- brand cereal ranges from Spring 2020, to help parents tackle pester power in the supermarket aisles and to help make healthy and informed choices. Cartoons were removed from the packaging of the following items, introducing new, cartoon- free branding: · CrownfieldHoneyNutFlakes · CrownfieldHoneyHoops · CrownfieldChocoRice · CrownfieldRiceSnaps · CrownfieldFrostedFlakes · Crownfield Choco Hoops · Crownfield Choco Shells      RESOURCES Protection of Ecosystems Animal Welfare Standards Environmental Protection: Supply Chain SUPPLY CHAIN Employment Related Supplier & Market Human Rights Development Corporate Environmental Management OPERATIONS Employee Responsibility Responsible Products CUSTOMER Transparency Social Value Responsible at Point of Sale Creation Communication       

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